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Our Services


1.       Consulting

You are developing a new product or your product will be sold in new countries.

You will get from us:

▪ Type Approval process, including check list for the application package,

▪ Allocated Frequencies, Power levels, Limitations, etc.,

▪ Labeling requirements,

▪ Lead-time and costs estimations, and much more.

Contact us for details.


2.       Obtaining Type Approval Certificates for Telecommunication products:

▪ Radio Communications (WLAN IEEE 802.11, SRDs, Bluetooth, DECT, RFID, etc.)

▪ Wired Communications (Fibre Optic Interface Cards, PSTN, ISDN, xDSL, Modems, Fax, etc.)

▪ Automotive Industry (Remote Controls, Immobilizers, PMR, Toll collectors, ACC, Tire guards, etc.)

You have (or your customer has) a product and you intend to sell it in a new country.

You will get from us:

▪ A Type Approval Certificate for your product

▪ Consulting, free of charge (see 1. above)

Contact us for details.


3.       Worldwide:

▪ European Union and Eastern Europe

▪ North America and Latin America

Africa, with more that 40 countries so far

▪ APEC countries

▪ Gulf countries (with extended experience)

You need a Local Representative; our partners are ready to serve you.

Contact us for getting the complete country list.


4.       Quality of our service:

▪ Quick response time, guaranteed

▪ Complete management of your project; you are not required to get involved

▪ Weekly reporting; insights allowing you to be fully in control

▪ Flexibility without compromising Quality


In case of further details, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@itreemc.com.

We are looking forward to providing you and your customers our best service.

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